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Hyperhidrosis Treatment in Cleveland, OH

Don’t Sweat It

Cleveland Hyperhidrosis Treatment at KÜR Modern Medical Aesthetics

You've tried all of the antiperspirants and medicines, but your hyperhidrosis still leaves you soaking through your clothes. Did you know that neurotoxins like Botox and Dysport have a lot of other uses besides treating fine lines and wrinkles? KÜR Modern Medical Aesthetics uses Botox to block sweat where it starts, helping you feel fresher and more confident when you step out into the world. KÜR welcomes you to our state-of-the-art Cleveland practice for your individualized treatment. With our help, you can finally stay dry. Schedule your consultation today to determine if Botox is right for your hyperhidrosis.

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Clean, Dry, and Confident

How are Botox and Dysport used for hyperhidrosis?

Neurotoxins for hyperhidrosis are a safe and proven treatment to reduce the effects of overactive sweat glands. Botox and Dysport injections may be an excellent solution if your prescription antiperspirant is not decreasing your perspiration.

Help for an Uncomfortable Problem

What are the benefits of Neurotoxins for hyperhidrosis?

Botox and Dysport, for hyperhidrosis, is a proven, fast, and affordable way to calm overactive sweat glands. Additional benefits include:

  • Treatment is non-invasive and typically takes 20 minutes.
  • Recovery time is minimal, and no downtime is required.
  • Botox injections can reduce perspiration in the treated area by up to 90% and last up to a year.
  • Most insurance providers cover the procedure.
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Finally, A Solution

Am I a good candidate for Botox and Dysport for hyperhidrosis?

With Botox and Dysport for hyperhidrosis Cleveland patients to KÜR can receive longer-lasting relief if you suffer from excessive sweating and your prescription antiperspirant isn’t keeping you dry. Schedule a consultation to learn how Neurotoxins for hyperhidrosis can restore your confidence and improve your quality of life. Botox and Dysport for hyperhidrosis are only indicated for people 18 or older.

A Treatment Tailored to You

Your Neurotoxin for Hyperhidrosis Procedure

Your KÜR aesthetic professional will work with you to plan a procedure tailored to your specific needs. At your Cleveland hyperhidrosis treatment appointment, the area to be treated will be cleaned and possibly numbed with a topical anesthetic. There may be some stinging at the injection sites, but most people find the sensation easily bearable. Once the treatment area is prepared, injections will be carefully administered with a tiny needle. Your treatment session may take between 20 minutes and an hour.

Feel Confident Again

Hyperhidrosis Treatment Recovery

Botox and Dysport do not require anesthesia, so you can immediately return to most regular activities after your hyperhidrosis treatment. However, you must wait 24 hours before bathing or exercising. Wait 48 hours before applying deodorant. You should notice a reduction in perspiration within a few days, but it may take two weeks to enjoy full results. Any soreness should resolve within about 24 hours.

Feel Fresher, Longer

Hyperhidrosis Treatment Results

You will notice results within a few days after receiving your injections. However, the full effects of the treatment may take two weeks to be noticeable. Botox and Dysport hyperhidrosis treatment can reduce your perspiration by up to 90% and may last between four months and an entire year.

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You Deserve to Feel Good

Schedule your Cleveland Hyperhidrosis Treatment consultation with KÜR Modern Medical Aesthetics today

At KÜR, we specialize in determining your treatments based on the highest standards. We listen to your goals and create a plan specifically tailored to your unique needs. We offer high-quality services to boost your beauty and confidence. Please contact us to set up a consultation so we can learn more about your aesthetic goals.

Hyperhidrosis Treatment Frequently Asked Questions

Injections are not completely pain-free but are generally bearable when applied to the underarm area. A topical anesthetic or ice pack may be used to minimize discomfort and swelling. You may experience a bit more pain if receiving injections in the palms of your hands or the bottoms of your feet.

Botox and Dysport injections for hyperhidrosis are considered safe and have minimal risks. However, you may experience swelling, redness, bruising, headaches, or flu-like symptoms until fully healed. In the rare case that you experience vision problems, trouble breathing, or muscle weakness, contact a doctor immediately.

Either of these hyperhidrosis treatments cost between $1000 and $1500. Please speak with your insurance provider to verify your options.

Most insurance companies do cover this procedure. Please speak with your insurance provider to verify your coverage.

A prescription antiperspirant uses aluminum salt to plug sweat glands and prevent perspiration from the surface. Botox and Dysport for hyperhidrosis blocks local nerves to keep them from activating the sweat glands in the first place.

Botox and Dysport for hyperhidrosis is a proven minimally-invasive procedure to reduce unwelcome perspiration. A more permanent option is the surgical removal of the affected sweat glands.

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