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A Personalized KÜR Consultation

Nina Pupovac, our nurse practitioner, strives to tailor her care to each patient's unique needs.

She treats the whole person, not just the outside, to provide each patient with exceptional care. You may feel at ease and confident in your treatment plan because of her personable and knowledgeable manner. You can count on Nina, your nurse practitioner, for help at every stage. Let Nurse Practitioner Nina and her team be your go-to source and advisor when you are ready to start your quest for aesthetic perfection. Now is the time to schedule your consultation.

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Discover more about the in-office treatments we provide consultation for, such as:

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KÜR Aesthetic Injectable Consultation

Cosmetic injections are a distinct art form that requires special attention. Your initial consultation with the skilled injectors at KÜR will involve discussing your desired outcomes and assessing your face concerns. Together, we can choose the best course of therapy for you, taking into account your unique preferences and facial concerns.

KÜR Body Contouring Consultation

You are a masterpiece, and like any masterpiece, you may benefit from occasional tweaks to your appearance. We have methods to help you have more defined muscles, lose weight, and smooth out cellulite. Book a body contouring consultation with us, and we'll help you reach your desired results.

Cleveland med spa model with brown hair
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KÜR Skin Consultation

Skin is the body's biggest organ and deserves your best care. When you see our aesthetics experts, they will provide you with access to advanced skincare technologies and treatments. Helping each other out will keep your skin glowing and lovely. Don't neglect your skin; let us be your KÜR.